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We need your help.  This work requires a lot of input, information, and interaction with state policy makers.

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phone – 360-280-0087

You can contact Nancy Laich at:

phone – 360-866-9527

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

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  2. Small farming should treat under 5 acres equally and not refer to them as hobby farming because there is no equal requirement for say 5+ acres to farm every acre inch where every inch would have to produce for an under 5 acre to hit $10,000.

    The house land should be taxed like all housing regardless of any farming activity or land size. Those taxes pay for services farmers use too. It’s residential and/or business both and we are already making a business reference definition to the farming activity with the 10K base.

    Forest farming should be not included unless you are 100 acres or greater.
    Any sell out to development should require a scratch back of 5 to 7 years whereby the land not farmed would be taxed as such unless one is crop farming at least 60% of it. This way the community isn’t paying one’s tax bill while their real activity is investing in the land with a few cows hiding the true intent. With aerial photos now available this history can easily be recorded. Feeding cows for a reduced tax rate before cashing in to developers is not promoting long term farming on small lands but just subsidizing one’s steaks and tax obligations.

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