Ready to roll, a simpler version.

After some feedback about the complexity of what was in our kick off draft, we have narrowed our focus and are back to basics.

We came to the table to talk about small farms and the one acre issue, and that is what we propose the legislature tackle.

We have a draft, that you can view here.

We have a one pager that you can view here.

The premise is the same – keep state law modern and in step with what and how farmers are operating today.  Small farms are increasingly important in our farm economy.  Lets recognize that in our tax policy.

The bill will be heard next week in House Finance.  Check back in a few days for more detail.

There are some other bills being heard this session that also address current use tax and farming.  We are glad that the conversation has started.  It is true, as my colleague Jim Goche says, we need major reform in this state and farming and farmland need to be validated for their vital role in our lives.  We can do it, yes we can.

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