Ready to roll.

Dear Friends of Farms –

We have a very solid bill draft for the 2014 legislature.  It is a statewide approach, and its goal is to assess all sizes of farms the same.  This bill will eliminate the practice of taking one acre out of small farms and taxing that one acre at fair market value.

We are now working to get a hearing in House Finance.

Take a look at the proposed draft to see what you think.

Here is a quick description of the issue and proposal.

It addresses a number of important issues, including the farm site issue for small farms, the inconsistent tax treatment between counties, the “aliquot problem” that has been plaguing Spokane farmers, and it recognizes the value of food production to the food bank system.  And lastly, it includes a comprehensive study of the food economy and the impact and role of the current use program.

Please take a moment to email Chair Carlyle and Ranking Minority Member Representative Nealey, and ask them to hold a hearing on E2SHB 1437.

For the complete list of house finance members, look here.

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